My name is Anthony Piper and I am a professional illustrator & designer. I have experience in both the animation and comic industries, as well as having provided work for many hip-hop artists. Being a lover of video games, comics, cartoons, manga and music, I have focused my career on providing illustration and design work for companies and creators/artists in these particular industries. I also have a passion for advertising and business, so I am highly conscious when it comes to aligning my illustrative style in accordance to my client's "brand" in order to adapt and create a unique look for their product and marketing campaign. 

I have recent experience in the animation industry providing work for the Major Lazer Animated Series and also the the Axe Cop Animated Series where I was promoted to Lead Character Designer (shortly after my work on Major Lazer). I am steadily looking for career opportunities to further expand my experience in the professional industries, especially video games and animation. 

I also have created my own comic series, Trill League, which is a parody of DC comic characters and mythology. The series has gained quite a bit of popularity, with over a combined total of over 30,000 fans throughout social media. 

If you're a fan of my work, you can connect with me on Facebook or Twitter where you can follow my journey as an artist, catch up with Trill League, ask for art tips and tricks, or just have the occasional laugh (since I'm quite the jokester in my social circle).  You can also follow me on DeviantArt where you can view more of my personal work.

If interested in contacting me, you can do so via email: or download my résumé